Here's the instant reaction to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's CPAC speech Friday on GOP 12, a compendium of "news and commentary on rising GOP stars and the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination." Note that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) "rebroadcasted" this in an email to the press hours after the speech:

Jim Geraghty (National Review via Twitter): Tim Pawlenty seemed like a decent, very vanilla guy; his Woods comment today suggests brief demonic possession and/or trying too hard.
Reid Wilson (National Journal Hotline): Pawlenty fell short of the overwhelming ovations other speakers won. On Thursday, ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney and ex-FL House Speaker Marco Rubio won bigger applause from attendees, while Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) earned more ovations than Pawlenty on Friday.
Domenico Montanaro (NBC): On foreign policy: "The Secreatary of State was on rhetorical bended knee in China," he said of Secretary Hillary Clinton. "The United States of America is not a beggar nation."

Ben Smith (Politico): Tim Pawlenty spoke to a drowsy morning crowd in a two-thirds full ballroom at the Conservative Political Action Conference, taking a while to wake up the crowd with a series of folksy jokes.... Pawlenty was at pains to differentiate himself from Romney, referring to his blue-collar roots and to "elites" who eat brie and drink Chablis "at parties in San Francisco." Peter Hamby (CNN via Twitter): Romney better at the big speech. Pawlenty better at working the small room. The latter may be better in early primary states.
David Chalian (ABC via Twitter): Who won the topical joke primary? Romney's Lindsey Vonn joke vs. Pawlenty's Elin Woods/take the 9-iron to big government joke?
Jonathan Martin (Politico via Twitter): Tpaw shooting at ivy lg elites -- Mitt Romney was a harvard law/mba
Robert Costa (National Review Online): Pawlenty also made a strong pitch for the support of the religious right. "God is in charge," he said, criticizing the "naysayers who try to crowd out God." If God is "good enough for the Founding Fathers, it should be good enough for us."
James Richardson (columnist Redstate blogger): Pawlenty digs in on TOTUS: President Obama took teleprompters to a grade school classroom. You gotta' be kidding me. [Actually, this story is not true, according to Steven Thomma at McClatchy: "The tale spread by bloggers over the internet and in some media blended together two Obama appearances Jan. 19 at the Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia, to make it appear he used the teleprompter when speaking to a classroom of 30 pupils.In reality, Obama sat on a chair and spoke with the pupils without the device.In a different classroom, he used the teleprompter to give scripted remarks on education to television cameras. "]
Patrick Ruffini (Strategist via Twitter): Pawlenty: no more apology tours, and no more Miranda rights for terrorists.
Tom Scheck (Minnesota Public Radio via Twitter): Pawlenty's speech is his standard stump speech (sans the Olympic line and the mention of his Freedom First PAC).
Mike Memoli (White House Reporter, Real Clear Politics): Well, the good news for Pawlenty is he still has two years to hone a stump speech.