ORLANDO, FLA. -- Zygi Wilf has admitted that when he was a fan of the New York Giants -- which was his entire life before he bought the Vikings in 2005 -- he was miserable on the Monday after his favorite team lost a game.

So it stands to figure that Wilf did not recover very quickly after the Vikings suffered a heart-breaking overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints last January in the NFC title game. Monday, marked the first time since that defeat that I got a chance to ask Wilf if he had recovered.

"It certainly is tough after a loss like that but we have a great team and we're going to look forward to next season and moving on and getting back there," he said. "I think we'll get that much hungrier after that and knowing what it means to be getting to that level. We've reached that goal to be consistent and get there. We've been doing that the last couple of years [with back-to-back NFC North titles] and we look to repeat our goal to be division champs again and go to the postseason."

Wilf gave that quote toward the end of an interview with several media members. I saw him later at the Ritz-Carlton in between his meetings and said that it had to hurt more than he was letting on. "It's tough," he said. "but you have to move on and I'm past the point of looking back. I always look back but I've got to look forward because that's how we're going to improve our team to be where we want to go. ... It's been two months and I'm looking to the future."

Wilf also seemed optimistic about the Vikings' quest for a new stadium. "We're working very hard to get a proposal in front of the state that would be something that we could all work with," he said. "We're in the midst of that right now and hopefully we'll get a resolution."

Asked if he sensed more momentum in the stadium push, Wilf said: "Yes, absolutely. An optimism that we're going to get this thing done eventually and we're just keeping the issue out there and making sure that we address any concerns in trying to find the right answers."

If the Vikings do find the right answers to get a venue with a retractable roof, Wilf is confident Minnesota will play host to the Super Bowl for a second time. "I'm sure that if we're able to get a stadium we'll get the Super Bowl," he said.