Men don't pin it. They nail it.

Apparently the popular bookmarking site Pinterest is too girlie for some men, so they're packing up their BBQ, beer and bacon and heading for manlier territory. and other similar sites that cater to stereotypically manly things — such as cars, gaming, sports and home decor — are popping up on the Internet. And by "home decor," I do, of course, mean man caves.

Minneapolis software developer Cale Sundvall said sites like are nothing more than Pinterest copycats.

"As soon as something new and cool comes out, there's a dozen quick gimmicks trying to ride the coattails of success," he said. "If someone wants a Pinterest-type site, they should go to Pinterest."

Sundvall is right. Pinterest already has much of the content that makes up the more mannish sites, so why can't guys just hang out there?

Ever since its rise in popularity, Pinterest has been slammed by men for gearing too much to: 1. Women who are planning their weddings. Or 2. Women who still wish they were planning their weddings.

The male-oriented sites have names such as Dudepins, PunchPin, Gentlemint and Dartitup., which seems to be the most popular, looks an awful lot like Pinterest, except the white-and-red color scheme has been replaced by gray and grayer, the "home decor" category has been renamed "house stuff," And "DIY and crafts" has been replaced by "DIY and tutorials."

Because, apparently, guys don't do crafts, either.

Aimee Blanchette • 612-673-1715