NORTH PORT, Fla. - Ronald Acuña Jr., led the majors with 73 stolen bases last year. This year, the Twins learned how fast he is. But oddly, they learned it while picking him off base.

Acuña broke toward third base too early on a third-inning steal attempt during Atlanta's 5-0 victory Thursday; Twins lefthander Kody Funderburk spotted him and stepped off the rubber. Acuña stopped halfway and Funderburk walked toward him, finally flipping the ball to second baseman Austin Martin.

And that began one of the longest rundown plays you'll ever see. Acuña sprinted toward third base, so Martin briefly gave chase, then tossed the ball to third baseman Brooks Lee. Back and forth Acuña went, with shortstop Kyle Farmer, first baseman Alex Kirilloff and even catcher Ryan Jeffers handling the ball before Acuña finally stopped and allowed Kirilloff to tag him.

"That guy is unbelievably fast," Jeffers said. "He probably could still be in that rundown if he wanted to."

Acuña, the National League MVP last season, does about anything he wants. He hit .337 with 41 homers, 106 RBI, 217 hits, 149 runs and 383 total bases.