Nadia Cakes has deliciously sweet baked goods and even better comedic chops.

The bakery, with locations in Maple Grove and Woodbury, made a uniquely suggestive cake using pink fondant frosting with an oval cutout revealing an inside made of pink rock candy.

The winner of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" called it a geode cake. The internet saw something a little more, shall we say, suggestive?

After Nadia Cakes posted an image of the $60 round cake to its social media accounts, thousands of people chimed in with opinions that the cake, while impressive, resembled female genitalia.

Before long, images of the "vagina cake" made their way around the world, drawing responses on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. On Facebook, the image of the cake has been shared more than 26,000 times and has nearly 10,000 comments.

But it's how owner and founder Abby Jimenez responded to the revelation that deserves mention. For that, some people are calling her a hero.

"Well, once again we've underestimated our customer's ability to see genitals in our baked goods," Jimenez wrote in a Facebook post. "Let's put that cute mushroom cake we had planned in the 'do not make' file."

In another comment, Jimenez said: "Well, it's official. Our customers are 50% rock enthusiasts and 50% perverts."

And that's just a fraction of the gold mine of comments on the topic. Here's a sampling:

One person said she's a midwife and agreed that the cake resembles a "vagazzled vulva."

Reetu Syal, an obstetrician at Partners OB-GYN in Maplewood agreed: "I approve this message. Good colors. Layering. Accurate."

Nadia Cakes responded in Nadia Cakes fashion: "Thank you! We'll let the design staff know they've replicated a healthy, anatomically correct geode."

Craving more? Head over to the Nadia Cakes Facebook page, where 95 percent of the comments are not suitable for this family newspaper, and read for yourself.