Maybe they really do like us.

A few months after a major media outlet touted Minneapolis as a must-see travel destination, a big-time online travel site is echoing that sentiment.

Expedia is out with its second annual list of the 50 top-rated places to visit in North America, and Minneapolis came in 10th — ahead of the likes of Bar Harbor, Maine, and Key West and Sanibel in Florida.

"Up two slots this year, Minneapolis ... continues to gain popularity," Expedia noted in its online ranking, based on star ratings posted for more than 4,600 cities.

Leading the way on the list was Wailea, Hawaii, as it did for Expedia last year.

Just last fall, the Wall Street Journal declared Minneapolis as one of the hottest travel destinations for the coming year — and the only one among the 10 in the United States.

Expedia called Minneapolis "historically underestimated" and noted that "this Minnesota city has been catching attention for its friendly people, international and regional foods, beautiful natural surroundings and entertainment options. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to love, as the city boasts five pro teams."

Expedia writer Lily Rogers said, "We've been seeing favorable trends rating Minneapolis as a city of interest to both travelers and people seeking a new place to live. … Its central location makes it appealingly accessible, and St. Paul offers yet more to explore — added bonus!"

Scan farther down Expedia's go-to roster and you'll find Fargo at No. 36. Trailing North Dakota's largest city were Scottsdale, Ariz. (39th), Santa Fe, N.M. (41st) and La Jolla, Calif. (48th).

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