A 39-year-old man has been sentenced to a long prison term for luring police to a Minneapolis park with a bogus 911 call last summer, saying he had been robbed, and then stabbing two responding officers.

Marsenior P. Johnson was sentenced Friday in Hennepin County District Court to 17 1/2 years in prison for wounding park police officers James Huber and Katherine Hammes on the night of Aug. 21 near Minnehaha Creek and Bryant Avenue S.

Huber shot Johnson as he stood over Hammes and was poised to stab her again with the 4- to 5-inch blade. Asked by police at the hospital about the attack, Johnson said, "I wanted to hurt some cops," according to the criminal complaint.

Jurors in February convicted Johnson of attempted murder.

In a presentencing statement to the court, Park Police commanding officer Jason Ohotto said Johnson planned out his attack "with fatal intent."

"He made a fictitious 911 call and lured them to his trap," Ohotto said. He went on to say that the assault "was not only committed against these two people, but against all of law enforcement and the people we so selflessly serve."

According to the complaint:

Johnson called police to say knife-wielding robbers had robbed him of $300. The officers arrived and saw Johnson favoring his right side. Johnson had his right hand in his pocket and began walking toward Huber, who ordered the man to show his hands. Johnson refused and continued toward the officer, prompting Huber to push him.

Johnson removed his hand from his pocket and stabbed Huber in the chest, but the officer's protective vest stopped the knife. Johnson then ran at Hammes, who was standing near the squad car. She ducked but was stabbed in the back of the neck. Hammes fell, her head hitting the ground.

Just as Johnson was about to stab her again, Huber shot him, sending the man crumpling to the ground.

Johnson's criminal history in Minnesota includes convictions for domestic assault and theft.

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