Mainstream-media coverage of contemporary demographic and political trends consistently trumpets the net socioeconomic benefit for all concerned. Integral to these overall trends are free-market preferences within the entertainment market.

In a free market, it is natural that specific products and services are characterized by life cycles … and that, sooner or later, these products and services encounter "life-cycle twilight."

Much local media ink has been invested in publicizing the plight of the Guthrie Theater and the Minnesota Orchestra. The socioeconomic profile of Guthrie and orchestra patrons is vastly different from the profile of those who patronize the growing entertainment market venues represented by the likes of Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus.

Contemporary demographic and socioeconomic realities will continue to trump any amount of media coverage devoted to long-term resurrection of the Guthrie and the Minnesota Orchestra. The Twin Cities' big-buck entertainment preferences are forever changed.

GENE DELAUNE, New Brighton

• • •

"Tales from Hollywood," "The Servant of Two Masters," "Long Day's Journey into Night," "Other Desert Cities," "Clybourne Park," "Pride and Prejudice" — a wonderful set of very different plays that each provided enjoyable evenings of excellent theater. Thank you, Guthrie!