This is my sixth winter living in Minneapolis. The first five were filled with frantic phone calls from friends seeking assistance, random acts of kindness on the streets, and more than one trip to the city impound lot each year. All of this on account of your friend and mine, the Minneapolis Snow Emergency. I have heard, and spouted, complaints that it is merely a racket for the city to make money on: the fees are outrageous, and they tow everything in sight. However, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Minneapolis Snow Emergency. I'm sorry I doubted your motives. I'm sorry I questioned your commitment to the city. I do not offer this apology selflessly. I would also like to beg you, MSE, to remember yourself and stick to the courage of your convictions. I beg this of you because I now see what the city is when you are nice to the people who ignore your parking rules. I bent over backward to obey your restrictions only to wake and find violators unticketed, untowed, clogging up what I expected to be freshly plowed street parking. Please, MSE, revert to your Old Testament, fire and brimstone, move your car or else mentality! I love you. I miss you. Please tow those cars out of my way. CAMERON BRAINARD, MINNEAPOLIS