Raise your hands, kids, as I am, if you're tired — and I mean nauseatingly, obnoxiously, relentlessly, endlessly, irrefutably, undoubtedly, uncompromisingly, angrily, insanely, regardlessly, intemperately, irrevocably, miserably and even eternally tired — of hearing anything at all on the face of the earth about U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann again.

Of course, even as I write the final word of this letter, there will be a heartfelt but clueless defense appearing in the paper defending this lady regardless of her astounding number of absurd gaffes and other transgressions that make supporting her, let alone ever voting for her, an act that defies whatever common sense there is available to human beings.

GREG VAN HEE, Perham, Minn.

• • •

I was glad to see that Wednesday's editorial decided to take on Bachmann. I mean, it was only the anniversary of 9/ 11 and the one-year anniversary of Benghazi. Syria also would have been a good choice, given how Russian President Vladimir Putin has outfoxed President Obama. Or, the Editorial Board could have scrutinized how completely inept this administration has been at home and abroad.

Instead, it chose the old sleight of hand: With all these things going on that are not good for this administration, we will talk about Michele Bachmann. After all, she is a popular Republican in a Democratic state — what's not to like?