Jon Stewart will say goodbye in person to “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”

The former “Daily Show” star, who created “Nightly Show” as a replacement for “The Colbert Report,” will be a guest for Thursday’s last episode of Wilmore’s show, which Comedy Central canceled this week.

“Tune in tonight as Jon Stewart will be dropping by to say Goodnightly,” “The Nightly Show” tweeted on Thursday.


Wilmore, a veteran TV writer who created “The Bernie Mac Show,” served as the “senior black correspondent” on “Daily Show.” He also serves as an executive producer on ABC’s sitcom “black-ish.”

“Nightly Show” started off strong in the ratings when it premiered in January 2015, but the program’s numbers fell dramatically over the following months, especially after Stewart left “Daily Show” and was replaced by Trevor Noah.

Comedy Central bosses said that Wilmore’s show wasn’t resonating with the younger viewers highly prized by advertisers. The network was also facing renewal time for several key contracts tied to the show, making a decision necessary on the program’s fate.

Wilmore has said he was surprised by the suddenness of the move.

Tune in tonight as Jon Stewart will be dropping by to say Goodnightly.

– The Nightly Show (@nightlyshow) August 18, 2016


34 'Daily Show With Jon Stewart' Correspondents and Contributors (Photos)

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In honor of Stewart's retirement from Comedy Central's "Daily Show" on Aug. 6, here's a look at the dream team who helped make the best fake news program on TV a hit.

Comedy Central Lewis Black

Lewis Black (1996 - )

The "Back in Black" contributor has been there from the start.


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Stephen Colbert (1997-2005)

The long-time correspondent went on to host "The Colbert Report" and is replacing David Letterman on the "Late Show."


Mo Rocca (1998-2003)

"The Daily Show" gave Rocca his start in television; he later appeared on "The Tonight Show" and "CBS This Morning."

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Vance DeGeneres (1999-2001)

DeGeneres, the older brother of Ellen DeGeneres, appeared on "Dollars and Cents" and "A Tale of Survival" segments. 

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Nancy Walls (1999-2002)

Walls, who appeared on "We Love Showbiz" and "Dollars and Cents," is married to fellow former correspondent Steve Carell.

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Steve Carell (1999-2005)

Carell went on to star in "The Office," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Despicable Me."


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Miriam Tolan (2000-2001)

Tolan starred in "The Heat" and "The Dictator."

Comedy Central

Matt Walsh (2001-2002)

Walsh appeared on "News You Can Utilize" and "Dollars and Cents" before graduating to HBO's "Veep."

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Lauren Weedman (2001-2002)

Weedman appeared on Dollars and Cents" and "We Love Showbiz" segments.

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Mary Birdsong (2002)

Birdsong had a brief stint as contributor.

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Rob Corddry (2002-2006)

Corddry appeared on "This Week in God" and "Come On!" segments before wading into "Childrens Hospital," two "Hot Tub Time Machine" movies and HBO's "Ballers."

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Ed Helms (2002-2006)

Helms recently starred in the 2015 comedy "Vacation."

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Rachael Harris (2002-2003)

Harris appeared in "Mark Your Calendar" and "We Love Showbiz."

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Samantha Bee (2003-2015)

Bee, who married her castmate Jason Jones, has one of the show's longest runs as correspondent.


Bob Wiltfong (2004-2005)

Wiltfong also appeared on Dave Chappelle's show and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

Comedy Central

Dan Bakkedahl (2005-2007)

Bakkedahl was initially hired to replace Colbert.

Getty Images Jason Jones

Jason Jones (2005-2015)

The husband of Samantha Bee famously appeared in "Are You Prepared?!?" and "Jason Jones 180" segments.

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Nate Corddry (2005-2006)

The younger brother of Rob was one half of the show's "Brother vs. Brother" segments.

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Dan Bakkedahl (2005-2007)

Bakkedahl was hired to replace Stephen Colbert.

Comedy Central

Rob Riggle (2006-2008)

Riggle was the senior military affairs correspondent.

E! Network

John Oliver (2006-2013)

After serving as Senior British Person and filling in for Stewart for several months as host, Oliver left to helm his own show, "Last Week Tonight" on HBO.

Comedy Central

John Hodgman (2006- )

Hodgman recurs as the show's Resident Expert and Deranged Millionaire.

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Aasif Mandvi (2006- )

Mandvi remains the Senior Middle East Correspondent.

Getty Images Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore (2006-2014)

Wilmore served as the Senior Black Correspondent before leaving to host Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore."

Comedy Central

Wyatt Cenac (2008-2012)

Cenac was a senior correspondent who voiced the puppet version of former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. 


Getty Images Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal (March 2008 - )

Schaal, who now stars on HBO's "Last Man on Earth," is the women's issues correspondent.

Getty Images Josh Gad

Josh Gad (2009-2011)

Gad served as a contributing correspondent for a brief time.

Getty Images Self magazine interview Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn (2010-2011)

Munn served as the Senior Asian Correspondent on "The Daily Show."

Todd Cole/SELF

Al Madrigal (2011 - )

Madrigal is both the Senior Latino Correspondent and the California Correspondent.

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Jessica Williams (2012 - )

Williams doubles as the Senior Youth Correspondent and the Senior Beyoncé Correspondent.

Comedy Central

Michael Che (2014)

Che's stint on the show was cut short when he left to co-anchor the "Weekend Update" segment on "Saturday Night Live."


Comedy Central Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (2014-2015)

The show's Senior International Correspondent is slated to take over once Stewart retires.


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Jordan Klepper (2014 - )

Klepper serves as the Senior Caucasian Correspondent.

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Hasan Minhaj (2014 - )

Minhaj is the show's Senior Indian Correspondent.

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Steve Carell, Jessica Williams, Lewis Black and Olivia Munn have all worked with Stewart during his 16-year run as host

In honor of Stewart's retirement from Comedy Central's "Daily Show" on Aug. 6, here's a look at the dream team who helped make the best fake news program on TV a hit.

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