Saks Off Fifth in downtown Minneapolis ended its liquidation sale of clothes and shoes on Saturday, Jan. 17. On the last day everything was discounted an additional 70 percent and considering the few pieces that were left, it was a very successful Going-Out-of-Business sale.

But bargain hunters like me who were wondering if everything would be 90% off on the last day were left scratching our heads. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 13-14, Saks discounted everything 80 percent. On Thursday, however, the discount dropped to 70 percent. Hardly a bait and switch, but it's unprecedented in my experience for a retailer to raise prices in the last few days.Maybe they were committed to closing Saturday and everything was selling too fast at 80% off.

I asked Tiffany Bourre, director of communications for Hudson Bay Co., in an email why the company backtracked on the discounts. I also asked her if there was an update about the outlet relocating in downtown Minneapolis or elsewhere. She ignored my shifting discount question, but responded to the relocation question: "I do not have a timeline to share. Should we have any updates we will make an announcement," she wrote.

Meanwhile, the store is still open but only to sell fixtures and a few remaining art pieces discounted 50 percent or so. (All the clothing and shoes have been removed.) I chuckled at the $300 price of a bird cage (?) festooned with ribbon and curlicues. My untrained eye failed to appreciate the artistry or artist, but I wonder if anyone will buy one for $30, let alone $300.

The store remains open for the sale of fixtures and art through Sunday, Jan. 25

Come back to Minneapolis soon, Saks Off Fifth, but you can keep the birdcages.

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