Hexgears IMPULSE KEYBOARD $89.99

Perfect keyboard for tactile feedback

Gamers tend to like keyboards that give a lot of tactile feedback, and they also like to be flashy, so they’re all about keyboards that light up.

The Hexgears Impulse Mechanical Keyboard certainly ticks all the boxes for tactile feedback, a choice of key switches and the wildest light show on a keyboard.

The bottom line: It’s an ultimately customizable keyboard that will let you find a configuration that’s right for you. Unfortunately, the documentation was too scant for proper setup. Still, it had a great key feel and clear and colorful backlighting.

The Hexgears Impulse Mechanical Keyboard comes in two models, one with white keys and white LEDs and one with pudding keys and multicolored LEDs to light things up.

What are pudding keys? First, the proper term is pudding keycaps, and they are double-injection molded with two different colors of plastic on the sides, so that each key looks like a tiny pudding.

In the case of the Impulse Mechanical Keyboard, the keys are white with black tops.

Because the keys are white around their bottoms, the light from underneath each key shines brightly, but the effect is like frosted glass.

The keyboards are rated IP56 for water resistance, so don’t feel bad if you spill coffee or other liquids on the keyboard.

Scooch Wingman $44.99

A cellphone kickstand that can tuck away

Scooch has a set of cases worth checking out: Wingman, Wingback ($14.99) and a magnetic surface mount called Wingmount ($29.99).

Overall, these are good phone accessories. They are not too expensive and do their jobs well. So if you’re after a kickstand case, these are good options.

From the front, the Wingman case looks a lot like other phone cases. But if you turn it around, you’ll see a kickstand that resembles a rubberized section of a mini-blind blade.

When you’re not using it, the kickstand stays out of your way. But when you need it, you press the kickstand to pop it and make it snap into place. The back of the Wingman case also works with magnetic phone mounts to keep your phone handy.

The Wingback is just the kickstand portion of the Wingman case that can be mounted to another case or straight to the back of your phone. The Wingmount offers the kickstand, grip and vent mounting for your own case or your naked phone.