Longtime Timberwolves executive Jeff Munneke joins the show to talk about his favorite memories of Kevin Garnett, whose induction ceremony into the Basketball Hall of Fame is coming this weekend. KG made it cool to be a Wolves fan, Munneke said, and he was one of the rare athletes people still rooted for after he was traded away. Garnett also shaved Munneke's head completely bald as part of a promotion back in the day.

At the start of the show, host Michael Rand talks about the Twins' disappointing 9-3 loss to the White Sox on Tuesday — another game that followed an all-too-familiar script this season. The Twins led 3-0 and it was 3-3 going into the sixth inning, but a combination of lackluster starting pitching, low offensive output and a shaky bullpen doomed the Twins again.

Plus: The Wolves jumped all the way up to the sixth-worst record in the league. What does that mean for their future and the draft lottery?

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