An ornithologist who calls herself GrrlScientist writes on-line about birds. She is well worth reading. Her topic today was bird dehydration in extreme desert conditions. The link is

GrrlScientist occasionally writes for Forbes. She also posts to Twitter @GrrlScientist and via a subscription-based email newsletter. Today's note about dehydration came to me via the email collective BirdChat.

Here is her bio: I am an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist as well as a science writer/journalist. As a writer, my passion is to use words and images to capture the wonder and excitement of hot-off-the-presses research for the public. My specialty is long-form science journalism about evolution, ecology and behaviour in birds and animals. I also write about conservation, citizen science, diversity-in-science issues, virology and cancer. Previously, my writing was hosted by a number of sites, including The Guardian,, Nature Network and As a scientist, I have an extensive background in the biological sciences: I have a degree in Microbiology & Immunology (focus: virology) and worked in cancer research before earning my PhD in Zoology from the University of Washington in Seattle. I then was a Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow in Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I now am a digital nomad and an American expat who roams the EU. I'm very active on twitter @GrrlScientist and lurk on most social media.

I enjoy her work. It is occasional and always interesting.