Introduction: Host Michael Rand takes a spin through three teams that have been hot lately. The Wild won its fourth game in a row and has scored the most goals (83) in the entire NHL. The Gophers men's basketball team is now 6-0 after a dramatic 54-53 win over Pittsburgh, which is more wins than Rand thought they might have all year. And the Wolves are 11-10 and sitting in good position in the Western Conference.

9:00: Three Gophers athletes join the show ahead of big games in the coming days. First up is Sara Scalia from the Gophers women's basketball team before Wednesday's game against North Carolina. Then Sammy Walker from the Gophers men's hockey team before they head to Michigan this weekend. And finally Abigail Boreen from the women's hockey team in advance of this weekend's showdown at No. 1 Wisconsin.

26:00: MLB is on a continued path of self-destruction with a work stoppage looming.

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