While we recognize that the nature of theater is to examine topics that are controversial, complex and even provocative, those who work in the theater have a right to be free of the threat or presence of any type of discrimination and harassment.

Examples of harassment may include:

• Unsolicited verbal sexual comments, suggestive comments or repeated propositions.

• Bullying.

• Sexist remarks about an individual's body, manner or sexual activities.

• Petting, pinching or unnecessary touching.

• Subtle pressure for sexual activity.

• The display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, including nude photographs.

• Unwanted staring or leering.

• Physical assault.

• Demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats of preferential treatment with regard to an individual's employment.

• Granting employment benefits or opportunities because of an individual's submission to sexual advances or favors.

If you see or experience harassment, you should immediately report it. Do not wait until you cannot tolerate the harassment any longer.

Source: Guthrie Theater