A 31-year-old repeat drunken driver was charged with being intoxicated while plowing snow in a Bloomington parking lot with a child on his lap.

A witness told police that Robert J. Stertz of Eagan appeared to be acting intoxicated while he was inside a nearby auto shop. He left the shop, then boarded the front-end loader and put the child on his lap before he resumed plowing the World Market parking lot on 4250 W. 78th St., said Edina Police Department spokeswoman Kaylin Eidsness. The witness called police at 11 p.m. to report the incident.

Edina police responded to the call because officers were closer to the incident, she said.

Stertz was charged with a first-degree felony drunken-driving for having three prior convictions, she said.

The child’s father, who is not Stertz, picked him up at the scene.