West St. Paul Council Member Ed Hansen, who had been asked by the City Council to quit after allegations of trying to undermine a city project, submitted his resignation this week.

"I cannot commit the time required to fulfill my obligations of this office so I will resign," Hansen told the City Council on Monday.

Council members urged Hansen to resign after he allegedly tried to undermine a city redevelopment project by offering to buy the property himself. He is facing charges related to the incident in Dakota County District Court.

He also was criticized for hanging a Confederate flag in his back yard.

Hansen's resignation takes effect in January. At that point there will be less than two years remaining in his term and the city charter allows the council to fill a seat by appointment for less than two years, said Council Member Ed Iago.

Hansen's replacement will have to be selected from Ward 1, the district he represents. In the recent city election for a Ward 1 seat being vacated by retiring Council Member Jim Englin, winner Pat Armon ran unopposed, so replacing Hansen is not a simple matter of appointing the runner-up, Iago said.

It's likely that Mayor John Zanmiller will appoint a committee to search for candidates and make a recommendation to the council, Iago said.