A look at the major points of the tentative collective bargaining agreement reached by the NHL and the NHL Players' Association early Sunday:

• 10-year agreement (either side can opt out after eight years).

• 50-50 split in revenues.

• $70.2 million prorated salary cap this season; $64.3 million ceiling in 2013-14 with $44 million floor.

• Maximum contract lengths of seven years (eight years for teams re-signing own players).

• Year-to-year variance of salaries is a maximum 35 percent; the lowest season cannot be less than 50 percent of the highest.

• $200 million in revenue sharing.

• Defined player pension plan with owners accepting liability.

• Two compliance buyouts per team for 2013-14 that wouldn't count vs. the salary cap.

• Minimum salary starts at $525,000, increases to $750,000 by Year 9.

• Suspensions longer than six games go to a third party for appeal.

• All 14 non-playoff teams will have a shot at the No. 1 overall draft pick.

• Olympics and realignment will be agreed upon at a later date between the NHL and NHLPA.