1. Pick a display to visit

• Find displays near you by visiting mnholidaylights.com or christmaslightfinder.com.

• Keep in mind that the best shows may not be near you. Road trip!

2. Make sure the display is still active

• Check the website or Facebook page if there is one.

• Check the operating hours and days of the display.

• Check the weather. Most displays don't operate when it's wet, raining or sleeting.

3. Tune your radio

• Many light displays are synchronized to music that will play through your car's radio. Once you arrive at the light display, look for a sign indicating the radio frequency the display broadcasts on.

• Keep in mind the radio transmitters used are very low-power and can be received only while directly in front of the display.

4. Be a courteous visitor

• Dim your headlights.

• Be courteous of neighbors.

• Don't turn around in or block neighbors' driveways.

• Try not to make noise, especially after kids' bedtime.

• Don't slam car doors. When it's cold, sound travels.

• Don't walk on neighbors' property.

• No loud radios.

5. Be charitable

• Some shows collect donations for charity. Check the show's website for details and consider donating.

6. Play it safe.

• Do not enter a display. There are trip and fall dangers as well as high voltage present.

7. Leave feedback

• The show creators and decorators work hard. If you enjoyed their display, let them know by leaving feedback on their website or Facebook page.

Aimee Blanchette

Source: mnholidaylights.com