John Cosgrove, Brit's Pub

Q: What was voted quote of the year for 2007?

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Q: Records show a 600% increase in 2007 U.S. Federal spending on what?

Q: In what sport would you find a position called a hooker?

Q: Which book is the most stolen from public libraries?

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Q: The DynaTac 8000X was launched as the first of its kind in 1983. What was it?

Q: Excluding Alaska, which U.S State extends furthest north?

Q: In an American Film Institute poll, which movie character was voted as the #1 villain?

Q: Which oil company had its name picked from a list generated by a computer?

Q: Which American Icon recorded a TV commercial asking to drive safely shortly before dying in a car accident?

Q: Which TV series holds the record for most guest appearances?

Chuck and Sean's Trivia, 331 Club

Q: How many grams of cocaine would you get if you bought 1/4 of an ounce?

Q: How many triple letter point squares are on a Scrabble board?

Q: Which state quarter has a golden spike on it?

Q: What country has the largest Shi'ite Muslim population?

Q: What chain restaurant introduced the Southwestern Egg Roll?

Q: Which state had the first Indian reservation?

Q: Composer John Williams most recently wrote the score for what film?

Q: In what state was Custer's last stand?

Q: Who played the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It"?

Q: What was the title of the "very special" Blossom episode in which Blossom deals with puberty?

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Q: Name the critically-panned Beatles movie made by BBC TV.

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Q: What Sex and the City principal character is a Liverpudlian?

Q: What 1990s TV series budgeted $150 a week for on-camera donuts?

Grab Bag

Q: What color code represents a life-threatening emergency?

Q: What NPR star turned a yuletide gig as a Macy's elf into a story called "The Santaland Diaries"?

Current Events

Q: Name the man who is expected to take over for Fidel Castro?

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Q: Why did New York Magazine's website have a lot more traffic in the last couple weeks?

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Q: What downtown Minneapolis bar burned down about two weeks ago?

John Dingley, Merlin's Rest

Q: Sn is the atomic symbol for what element?

Q: Apart from the symbol in the middle, what colors are on the flag of Serbia?

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Q: Taekwondo is the national sport of Korea. "Tae" means "feet" and "do" means "path" or "way". What does "kwan" mean?

Q: Diabetes is a disorder that affects the way your body uses food for energy. A hormone that controls the use of energy comes from what organ?

Q: The Stirling Engine is a reciprocating piston engine. What does it run on?

Q: Name the two metals that make up Bronze?

Q: Wolves, owls, hawks, coyotes, foxes, weasels, cats and others all feed on Microtus ochrogaster. What is it commonly called?

Q: Wolves are digitigrade, which means they do what?

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Q: A Spanish company is planning to take three square miles of desert southwest of Phoenix and turn them into what?

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Q: In Roman mythology, who were the sons of the priestess Rhea Silvia, fathered by Mars?

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Q: What does the acronym LASER stand for?

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Q: Who said she stopped believing in Santa Claus at age six, when Santa Claus asked her for her autograph?

Q: What was invented in 1888 by Theophilus Van Kannel of Philadelphia to keep cold air from escaping from buildings?

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