The political swords are swinging as word spreads about Sen. Arlen Specter's swipe at Michele Bachmann yesterday.

Sean Hannity caught wind of the incident this afternoon and brought the Stillwater Republican on his radio show to respond (she will also be on his Fox News show this evening).

Bachmann shot back at Specter, a Republican-turned-Democrat who has a tough election ahead of him in Pennsylvania.

"I was treated, really, like a little girl," Bachmann said. "I was patronized and basically told to go sit down and shut up in a corner. And I thought, 'This is how you treat women?'"

She later added, "I think it will be the end of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania."

Before attacking Specter's comments, however, Bachmann took a moment to present two theories on how Democrats will try to steal her seat in 2010. Will her perennial target, ACORN, seek revenge?

"All I know is [my opponents] are lining up gads of money and I have really taken on ACORN in a big way nationally. And ACORN delivered 43,000 votes last year for Al Franken. So ACORN and SEIU and AFSCME and all of those groups will be all over my district, Planned Parenthood. Sierra Club has already been running TV ads against me. So it's going to be really ugly and they have a lot of paid volunteers. And so I just need good, honest, patriot-loving Americans to come out and help me in a volunteer capacity but also just with finances."

The 43,000 figure is how many people ACORN registered in 2008. Most of them probably voted for Al Franken, but there's no indication of all of them did.

She then said she was concerned unspent stimulus money will be funneled to political campaigns.

"I am nervous that that money could potentially end up in campaigns illegally and we will have no way of knowing how that money will be accounted for."