Michele Bachmann makes an appearance in a new documentary called "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger," produced by an organization that has been previously criticized for linking the theory of evolution to the Holocaust.

The documentary and corresponding book, titled "10 Truths about Socialism," argue that socialism and "the envy-inflamed ideas of Marx and others are at war with the family, the church, and with God and His Word."

Bachmann is the lone elected official to appear; others interviewed include several evangelical Church leaders, Joseph Farah, founder of WorldNetDaily.com, Steve Forbes, and Chinese basketball player Kai Chen.

Bachmann speaks in apocalyptic terms about the direction the country is heading. According to the film's website, she says: "We're now spending money on a scale that no one has ever seen before. In history we've seen this happen just before the fall of Rome, where government raided its treasuries in order to grow a bigger bureaucracy. That's now happening in the United States. We have to reverse course immediately or it could mean the sinking of our civilization."

Florida-based Coral Ridge Ministries, an evangelical media organization founded by D. James Kennedy, produced the documentary.

Coral Ridge Ministries has gotten into hot water for past works, including a 2006 documentary, "Darwin's Deadly Legacy," which the Anti-Defamation League "blasted" for attempting "to link Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to Adolf Hitler and the atrocities of the Holocaust."