Traveling for a wellness retreat is a luxury, but you can create a home spa experience using local products to achieve similarly relaxing results.


This fragrance was custom-made for Watershed Spa, with ingredients selected not just for their scents but also for their properties. Sandalwood, for instance, is thought to promote calm and clarity. The limited edition, hand-blown glass bottle is by local artists at OURglass. 1-ounce $110, refill $80;

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Love your body

Scrub-a-rub with SJC Body Love's Just for Me home spa kit. It includes a tub of refreshing scrub, a tin of body butter, relaxing mist and body essence scent. (Products also sold individually.) Sabrina Jones launched this Black-owned business out of her own struggle with eczema and desire to find natural products. $50 for the kit, body butter $12;

Skin revival

CBD continues to appear in skin products like this lotion by local manufacturer BLNCD. The company touts antioxidant benefits as hemp seed and other oils boost skin hydration. $50 for 100 ml bottle,

Om shanti

Seek inner peace with this deck created by Yoga for You founder and meditation teacher Kelly Smith, who hosts the popular Mindful in Minutes podcast. Each card offers a reflection to help you build your daily meditation practice. $23,

Face time

Zelda Thomas-Curti researched plants and their properties to create a chemical-free serum to heal and hydrate. She noticed certain oils have been used through the ages, hence the name Visual History. The Minneapolitan currently lives in Milan, so Italian style is part of the product. $90,

It's a wrap

There's bathing in luxury, then there's wrapping yourself in it. This Japanese lattice waffle towel comforts as it dries and adds texture and style to your bathroom. $118,

Bathed in scent

Beautiful paper wrap and heady fragrances elevate these handmade soaps. They're perfect for gifting, but set a bar or two aside for yourself. Shown here: coffee mint, vetiver with French clay and saltwater. $22 each,

Brush up

Use these Swedish horsehair brushes wet or dry to experience the benefits. Brushing is thought to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation, and may even lift your energy level. $22 each,