Dear Matt: I’ve finally been offered that promotion I’ve been working so hard to get. The only problem is, it’s in a new state. I’d have to move my family across country. I really want this job, but not sure it’s a fit. How can I make the best decision?

Matt says: This is obviously a big decision from a professional and personal standpoint. With a wife and kids in school this makes it an especially tricky and tough decision, says Jake Wyant, Director of Staffing and Capacity Planning in the St. Paul office of Avaap (, a technology-driven enterprise software services company.

“Individuals that have families first need to consider what their spouses have to say and how it can affect the whole family,” says Wyant. “If they do not have buy in, it is unlikely to happen. You want them to be as excited as you are that this is going to be a positive experience.”

From a professional standpoint it’s important to look at the whole picture and ask questions:

• Will the company provide the resources to make an impact?

• What are the challenges in this department?

• Why do they see you as the right fit for this role?

• Why can they not fill it locally?

• If the job is turned down now, will it ever be offered again?

• Is this truly where you want to go with the next step of your career, and is this the company you want to be with?

It may be worth it to ask if the company will allow you to spend some time in the new location, working in the office, getting to know the company culture to determine if it would be a fit before making a decision.

Here is another big factor to consider: If this position comes with a nice salary/compensation increase, is it still enough to make a go of it in a location where the cost of living is much greater?

From a personal standpoint, it can get even tougher. Ask these questions:

• Will the company assist you with selling your house?

• Will they provide relocation assistance?

• Will the spouse be able to find a job?

• How will the kids take to leaving their school and their friends?

• Is this location a right fit, and a good place to continue to raise your family?

• How is the medical care in this state/area?

• Will you need to commute a long way? Take a bus or train?

“It is hard not to be caught up in the excitement of the advancement, but you need to be sure you know what you are stepping into,” says Wyant. “If everything checks out this could be a game changer and you should embrace it and be proud of yourself for the advancement.”

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