THE BUZZ A game with flashes of brilliance and moments of despair ... players making off-field news ... a gorgeous deep pass ... it is, indeed, like Randy Moss never left.

REMOTE PATROL This might be the last time we direct you to an early-season Eastern Conference game in the NHL. Cupboard? Bare. Islanders vs. Capitals, 6, Vs.

Click pick Tweet from Vikings OL Bryant McKinnie: "Thank u 4 being loyal fans. We need 2 carry our 2nd half momentum over 2 this weeks game."

STAR GAZING Adam (Pacman) Jones received an apology from Cincinnati police, who said he did nothing wrong after being questioned over a traffic incident Sunday.

FAST FACT Brian Collins, who became an Internet sensation with his "Boom Goes the Dynamite" call during college, has been hired by a TV station in Alexandria.