As Minnesotans, our reputations precede us as conquerors of the ice and snow. But while we shrug, "it could be worse," we also complain about how long it takes to scrape the ice off the windshield. We contain multitudes, OK?


Inches of snow in a normal winter season in the Twin Cities. We've seen nearly 80 inches in each of the past two winters.


Snow emergencies that the city of St. Paul budgets for each year at an approximate total cost of $600,000.


Inches of snow in a Minnesota city's snowiest single month on record, which was in March 1965 in Collegeville, near St. Cloud.


Snowplows in the city of Duluth's fleet. During peak plowing, Minneapolis might use as many as 100.

Sources: Minnesota Climatology Office, city of Minneapolis, city of St. Paul, city of Duluth