While patrons at US Bank Stadium endured sound and logistical kinks at the Luke Bryan and Metallica shows over the weekend, Wilco fans savored an extended outdoor concert just a short raft ride up the Mississippi River that spotlighted both the band and the stellar venue.

A short downpour just prior to set time did nothing to dampen the atmosphere at Historic Hall's Island where Wilco and its opening act, Kurt Vile, could be thoroughly enjoyed both up close and nearly two football fields away with lines nearly non-existent for port-a-potties, food and beer. The traffic was so minimal at the ATM machines, that one attendee had the time to engage in an extended dance with her cash-spitting partner.

Kudos to organizers and the city of Minneapolis for making significant improvements since the venue's inaugural gig last summer, featuring Alabama Shakes.

The sweet spot for audiophiles Saturday may have been smack dab in the middle of the Northeast lawn, a listening post overlooked by most of the thousands of fans, if only because an awning over the control board blocked the view from there of Jeff Tweedy and his fellow musicians.

The top-notch sound quality was particularly important during a special encore. For most of the tour, Wilco has entertained fans with an intimate acoustic set, spotlighting early numbers from its vast collection.

This novelty usually consists of three or four songs. Minneapolis patrons got seven, including "Passenger Side," which the band has only pulled out only a few times during this tour.

The extended treat capped a 30-song set that spotlighted material from its upcoming album, "Wilco Schmilco," as well as favorites like "Box Full of Letters," "I Got You (At the End of the Century)" and "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart." Among the highlights: Nels Cline's guitar solo on "Impossible Germany," which hopfully went a long way towards Wilco-ites checking out his new side project, "Lovers."

"This always feels like a hometown gig for us," said Tweedy, which may explain why the show ran for nearly two-and-a-half hours. "Thanks for being so nice to us."

The set list:

1) "More"

2) "Random Name Generator"

3) "The Joke Explained"

4) "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"

5) "Art of Almost"

6) "Pickled Ginger"

7) "Hummingbird"

8) Handshake Drugs"

9) "Cold Slope"

10) "King of You"

11) "Via Chicago"

12) "Spiders"

13) "If I Ever Was A Child"

14) "Jesus Etc."

15) "Locator"

16) Box Full of Letters"

17) "Heavy Metal Drummer"

18) "I'm the Man Who Loves You"

19) "Impossible Germany"

20) "The Late Greats"

21) "Red-Eyed and Blue"

22) "I Got You (At the End of the Century")

23) "Outtasite (Out of Mind)"


24) "Misunderstood"

25) "It's Just That Simple"

26) "War on War"

27) "Passenger Side"

28) "I'm Always in Love"

29) "California Stars"

30) "A Shot in the Arm"