To paraphrase Eminem's "Lose Yourself," it looked as if Lizzo lost herself in the moment and was never, ever going to let David Letterman go when she gave him a big bear hug at the end of her network TV debut Tuesday night.

The Minneapolis rapper performed her extra-grindy single "Bus Passes and Happy Meals" for CBS's "The Late Show" and made some sly moves throughout her appearance, including a vogued-out pose near the start and some synchronized dancing with co-vocalist Sophia Eris. Her most audacious move, however, came when Dave reached out to shake her hand -- and she reached in for the full-on embrace, which Letterman seemed to get a kick out of.

Letterman also showed his amusement when he introduced her, saying, "Her album is titled -- what else? -- 'Lizzobangers.' "

Backed by Doomtree producer/beatmaker Lazerbeak and Har Mar Superstar drummer Ryan McMahon, the real-life Melissa Jefferson donned a black T-shirt for the show that read, "I Feel You André," a nod to the different message-adorned shirts André 3000 has been wearing at OutKast reunion shows.

Lizzo posted photos from the set, including this one to the left from her Facebook page that shows her holding her intro card. After the show, Lazerbeak offered this account of what went down behind the scenes at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Tuesday:

"A good reminder to anyone going on late night TV: Make friends with the sound fx guy. He mimicked a Letterman monologue for us during some down time and let us hit all the different buttons (gong, explosions, etc). Also learned the combination of sounds it takes to create the punch line of the "Dave throwing a pencil at the camera" bit. Everyone at the show was a total pro and super welcoming to our whole crew. Surreal day."