Introduction: A tweet from a reader helped host Michael Rand tie all his thoughts together like the rug in The Big Lebowski. The question was about just what went wrong with the Twins' evaluation of pitching in 2021. While the answer is unknown, the fact that Twins evaluators are probably stumped as well leads to an offseason path: If pitching is going to improve, money needs to be spent. If money is going to be spent, the Twins need to find a way to trade Josh Donaldson. It's just that simple, even if trading an expensive mid-30s third baseman entering an offseason where the collective bargaining agreement expires is very complicated.

6:00: Vikings/NFL writer Mark Craig joins for his weekly picks segment and also gives listeners a sneak peek at his Sunday story on Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. Craig is in Cleveland reporting the story on the former Vikings offensive coordinator.

18:00: Jon Marthaler breaks down an important stretch for Minnesota United, which is hanging onto the final playoff spot in Major League Soccer's Western Conference as of Friday. Marthaler and Rand also get into the idea of U.S. soccer legend Landon Donovan being an MLS coach soon.

29:00: NBA vaccination headlines are all about Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins possibly missing home games, but if the whole country was as vaccinated as the NBA, we would be in great shape.

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