'Break Point'
Tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams take a backseat to the new wave of contenders in this behind-the-scenes look at the sport's 2022 tour, starting with the Australian Open. Hothead Nick Kyrgios and American hopeful Taylor Fritz are among the featured players who permitted cameras to follow them into the locker rooms, hotels and practice courts, where the cheers and tears abound. It's a great introduction to the game, although casual fans may grow impatient waiting for cameos from the superstars. Friday, Netflix

'Night Court'
This reboot only boasts one of the original show's cast members — but he's the one that matters. John Larroquette won four Emmys for his role as assistant district attorney Dan Fielding. This time around, Fielding takes on the assignment of public defender. He's less ornery and not as much fun to hiss at. But the character's kinder, gentler nature blends in well with the new cast, which includes Melissa Rauch ("The Big Bang Theory") as a perky judge who seems to be up way after her bedtime. 7 p.m. Tuesday, KARE, Ch. 11

This 10-part cartoon series may be a prequel to "Scooby-Doo" but it's way too naughty to have ever been part of the old Saturday morning lineup. Mindy Kaling voices the title character, an unpopular teen whose quest to solve a string of grisly murders keeps getting interrupted by drug deals, Hitler references and makeout sessions with frenemy Daphne (Constance Wu). There's also a running gag about Fred's (Glenn Howerton), um, manhood. Those with a grown-up sense of humor will delight in the show's audacious nature. Viewers still holding onto cherished childhood memories may need to seek therapy. Thursday, HBO Max

'The Traitors'
Alan Cumming hosts the world's most tedious murder-mystery dinner with a guest list that includes a bunch of veterans from reality TV shows such as "Survivor" and "Upper Deck." These are folks you wouldn't want anywhere near your house; they might steal your silverware. The game itself doesn't make much sense, but it's sort of fun watching the Tony-winning actor vamp about a Scottish castle like a Shakespearean villain, savoring every chance he gets to say "murder." Thursday, Peacock

28th Annual Critics' Choice Awards
Ever since the Golden Globes lost some of their luster, this ceremony has gotten more attention. To take advantage of the boost in interest, organizers have recruited host Chelsea Handler, hoping she will add the same zip to their party that Ricky Gervais once lent to the Globes. "Everything Everywhere All at Once" has the most nominations. 6 p.m. Sunday, WUCW, Ch. 23

'The Way Home'
In the world of Hallmark, the next best thing to a Christmas miracle is the ability to time- travel. Troubled teen Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) uses her newfound gift to bring together her estranged mom (Chyler Leigh) and grandma (Andie MacDowell) in picturesque New Brunswick. Despite some traumatic subject matters, it's a fairly wholesome series, perfect for those praying for the return of "7th Heaven." 8 p.m. Sunday, Hallmark

'Fantasy Island'
The biggest difference between the new and old versions of this dramedy is that the current rendition spends more time with the island hosts, leaving considerably less time for the guests. But you'll enjoy the limited access to Chanhassen resident James Denton and Teri Hatcher, who first shared the screen on "Desperate Housewives." This time, the two play a couple on the brink of divorce, getting a chance to bicker like they never did on Wisteria Lane. This pair still has great chemistry, even when they're at each other's throat. 7 p.m. Monday, KMSP, Ch. 9

'Zora Neale Hurston: Claiming a Space'
The late author is best known for 1937's "Their Eyes Were Watching God," but this "American Experience" documentary focuses more on her anthropology work, part of a never-ending mission to be a megaphone for Black voices. It's a vivid portrait of a woman who deserves more attention. 8 p.m. Tuesday, TPT, Ch. 2