Mandel's got talent

"Howie Mandel Presents Howie Mandel at the Howie Mandel Comedy Club" captures the "Deal or No Deal" host in his first TV stand-up special in 20 years. The scripted bits are mediocre, but the comedian scores big when improvising off the Atlantic City audience.

9 p.m. Friday, Showtime

Exit strategy

You're bound to relish Benedict Cumberbatch's performance in "Brexit," once you get over his balding scalp and the fact that his character, political consultant Dominic Cummings, used every trick in the book in a campaign to remove England from the European Union. Cummings may not be your cup of tea, but Cumberbatch continues to go down smoothly.

8 p.m. Saturday, HBO

Movin' on up

"Crashing" is at its best when star and co-creator Pete Holmes provides an all-access pass into the cutthroat world of stand-up comedy. Initially, that meant a tour of the open-mike circuit. Now, in its third season, Holmes is an established "middle" act, which means a lot of college campuses and strip malls. The series is less successful when it explores his love life, specifically a new relationship with a woman who has suddenly transformed him into a sexual jack rabbit. True fans of the sitcom know Holmes' real mistress is the stage.

9 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Bull market

In "Black Monday," a satirical look at events that may have led up to the 1987 stock market crash, greed isn't just good; it's great. Credit goes to the show's creators, David Caspe and Jordan Cahan, as well as star Don Cheadle, who exudes charm and swagger in his winning portrayal of a financial con man. The numerous '80s references — Michael Jackson, "Working Girl," bulky cellphones — add to the naughty fun.

9 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

Neal Justin