Up, up and away

Aisling Bea is the writer and star of "This Way Up," a brilliant new comedy about an English teacher who leans on sarcasm while recovering from a nervous breakdown. The best moments of this six-part gem come when Bea shares the screen with her on-screen sister, played by "Catastrophe" creator Sharon Horgan. Whether they're bickering about boyfriends or butchering the Cranberries' "Zombie," their love for each other shines through. So do the laughs.

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Who ya gonna call?

"Ghost Hunters" returns after a three-year break, this time on a new network. But the mission remains the same: Look into paranormal behavior with a real-life version of the Scooby-Doo gang. Grant Wilson, one of the original investigators, leads the charge, starting with an Idaho school that may have spirits.

8 p.m., A&E

Kids see the darndest things

Haley Joel Osment isn't the only youngster who sees dead people. "Psychic Kids," which went off the air nine years ago, is back, but this time the show's original cast mentors a new generation that may have connections to another world. The guides may or may not be charlatans, but there's no denying that they're terrific baby sitters.

9 p.m., A&E

Neal Justin