For an excellent read on Masters champion Patrick Reed and the backstory about his estrangement from his family, check out's story. It's a sad, strange tale to be sure.


There's a lot of playoff chatter between the Wolves and Wild, but don't let that overshadow the Twins hosting the defending World Series champion Astros. 7 p.m., FSN.


"Good luck to Texas Tech — I guess the grass is always greener. This is a Big Ten team with a new facility, and decent homegrown talent, and Marlene Stollings couldn't even recruit or mold that into strong teams until she lucked into some transfers this year."

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"I'm not sure why so many people are saying Whalen for the job. Does she even want to coach? She has never coached and coaching in a P5 conference and in the Big Ten would be tougher then people think. … I think I'd want her to be an AC before getting a HC spot."