Waiting her turn for lawsuit's benefit: Unlike hundreds of other former Minneapolis public housing residents who benefit from a lawsuit filed in her name, Lucy Mae Hollman has never achieved her housing dream. Instead, the Mississippi-born woman has bounced through at least nine addresses in north Minneapolis, still looking for housing stability despite repeated help from the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. (Steve Brandt) Read more about what the lawsuit achieved in Brandt's Saturday report.

Ire fanned by consultant's report on firefighter sick time: A $147,000 study reported that Minneapolis fire personnel used 292 hours of sick leave per year, but it was one-third that amount. (Randy Furst)

For-profit universities - including Minneapolis-based Walden LLC and Capella Education - blasted for drop-outs: The 1,100-page report was critical of almost every aspect of the for-profit college industry, whose schools educate nearly 2 million students nationwide, including tens of thousands in Minnesota. (Jim Spencer)

Rock around the block: Block parties are a summer ritual, but some neighbors on the 5000 block of Aldrich Avenue South have taken neighborliness to another level, year-round, for generations. (Kim Ode)

The little 10-speed that could: In a pinch to finish RAGBRAI, a ride across Iowa, a Minneapolis man had to swap his crumpled high-end bike for a girl's battered 10-speed. (Paul Walsh)

Mayor seeks review of youth violence prevention program (Maya Rao)

Fire victim identified as Jennifer Soumountha (Nicole Norfleet)

Coin dealer hit with $195K fine (Dan Browning)