With photographic evidence as a reminder, ESPN noted on Instagram that former Louisville coach Rick Pitino has a tattoo commemorating the school's 2013 NCAA men's basketball title, which has now been vacated.


It's the final game at Williams Arena for Nate Mason and other Gophers seniors on Wednesday against Iowa. Not much has gone right this season, but a win over a rival would at least be a nice way to finish. 8 p.m., BTN.


"Case Keenum reminds me of Randall Cunningham. Came off the bench to lead the team to the championship game where his magic faded. Cunningham then lost the job the following year. I hope Case is able to rebound better."

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"We've got 3 new jerseys, 4 new pants, and 3 new helmets. Now we just need 2 qb's, 4 off linemen, 2 rb's, 4 wr's, a kicker, 4 def linemen, 3 lb's, and a lot of help in the secondary."