Got a letter from Tim Russell early this morning and - with his permission - am sharing with all of you:

Tim Russell

After 33 years of working for WCCO radio stations, I have decided to accept a Buyout Option from CBS. As is usually the case in radio, the station decides on the exit procedure, so I was told after filling in for Dave Lee on "The Morning News" last Friday, it would be my last broadcast on WCCO Radio. This precludes the opportunity to say goodbye and thanks for listening to my work as Entertainment Editor. I have enjoyed the job immensely. I have had the chance to see and review over 120 films a year and spent untold hours working the DVR to get the first crack each morning at telling listeners what's hot and what's not, in my opinion, of course. A morning show becomes a family, and the head of our family is Dave Lee, a gifted broadcaster and a wonderful writer; he has generously provided me with countless opportunities to use my various impressions and character voices as a part of his timely and topical comedy sketches. Thank you, Dave. Eric Eskola has been an inspiration to all of us who admire a quick mind and a dogged reporter's skill. Morning News Editor Steve Murphy is the best in the business. He is deserving of every one of the many awards he's received. In fact, it's safe to say that Steve Murphy, Telly Mamayak, Bruce Hagevik, and Eric Eskola are the best morning news team in radio. Big-hearted Mike Lynch stirs the pot every morning, in addition to giving us the weather heads-up. Producer Steve Enck keeps everyone on track, lining up the guests people need to hear from each day and Craig Schroepfer and Chris Ellston co-ordinate the broadcasts with skill and good humor. I thank them all for making it a joy to go to work everyday. I wish them continued success and I thank all of the loyal WCCO Radio listeners for allowing me to share my opinions with them everyday. I will continue working for Garrison Keillor as long as he will have me. Prairie Home Companion has been a dream job and I look forward to it each weekend. I hope to find another opportunity to talk entertainment on the air here in the Twin Cities and will be making the most of my blog , Facebook, and Twitter, in the meantime. Tim Russell