If you're a Timberwolves fan, there are a couple of different ways you might be leaning as you watch the NBA Finals:

You might be rooting for the Mavericks because a Dallas victory would mean the Wolves lost to the eventual champions and it would give extra validation to their season.

Or you might be rooting for Boston because you grew to dislike the Mavericks as they trash-talked their way through a five-game series win over the Wolves.

Whichever camp you fall into, there is only one reality so far. Boston has shown itself to be the vastly superior team in taking a commanding 3-0 lead on the Mavericks, including Wednesday's win in Dallas.

Whether or not you are taking glee in that (and judging by social media, most of you are), Boston's success this season can be instructive to the Timberwolves — something I talked about on Thursday's Daily Delivery podcast.

Here are three things the Wolves might learn from the Celtics:

• Minnesota isn't there yet as a championship contender. Yes, matchups matter (more on that in a minute) but the facts are undeniable. The Wolves were in every game but the last one against Dallas but lost because they couldn't close. Then they were routed in the clinching Game 5.

Boston, meanwhile, routed Dallas in Game 1, secured a closer but comfortable win in Game 2 and fended off a late rally in Game 3. Boston has been a class above Dallas. The Mavericks were a half-class above the Wolves. That should tell you where the Wolves stand in their ultimate pursuit of a championship.

• Don't be afraid to swing big. The Celtics had a strong roster that reached the NBA Finals two years ago and Game 7 of the conference finals last year. But they didn't just stand pat. They made two huge trades for Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis last offseason that transformed them into an even better version of themselves.

While it's true that the Wolves are in a different place in their timeline and might benefit more from continuity this offseason than a shakeup at the top of their roster, the Celtics make a compelling case for action over complacency.

• Your postseason path matters. Boston cruised past the Heat, Cavs and Pacers, all of which dealt with key injuries, and emerged rested and ready for the finals. The Wolves played a grueling seven-game series against Denver in the conference semifinals that left them less energized against Dallas and it showed.

You need some fortune in addition to talent and cohesiveness to win a title. The Celtics had all of those things this year, while the Wolves did not.

Here are four more things to know today:

• Star Tribune Twins writer Bobby Nightengale joined me on Thursday's podcast to discuss the team's up-and-down first two months and to evaluate what they might be after in the trade market if they stay in contention.

• The Falcons were punished for tampering during their pursuit of Kirk Cousins, but the penalty wasn't as juicy as some Vikings fans might have hoped. They were docked a fifth round pick next year and must pay a small fine.

• After missing out on UConn coach Dan Hurley, the Lakers reportedly will interview ESPN analyst JJ Redick for their coaching vacancy. Gee, I wonder how ESPN got that story?

• Star Tribune Gophers men's basketball writer Marcus Fuller is expected to join me on Friday's podcast to talk about that team's offseason.