Stu passes along this priceless item:

Players, coaches, and front-office personnel are united in their support of Brett Favre's decision to waffle, demur, delay, beat around the bush, and generally yank them around for months on end while they wait for him to make a decision about his retirement. "He's a living legend and our captain, so we support him if he needs to take some time to [redacted] with us," said backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, whose future would benefit greatly from a quick decision by Favre and whose life and career are basically in limbo until the future Hall of Famer once again makes up his mind. "We could only watch in envy as he did exactly this in Green Bay all those years, but to see him jerk around your own team… It's an honor, really."

That, of course, is not a news story. It's from The Onion. But as much as folks want Favre back, and as much as one might expect (or at least hope for) an earlier resolution to his annual off-season question this time around, there is an element of truth to that amusing bit of satire.