INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Florida star Tim Tebow said Friday the change he is making in his throwing motion is more of tweak than an overhaul. Tebow has been working on his long delivery with Zeke Bratkowski, who serves as a tutor for quarterbacks.

"It's not necessarily changing my whole motion," said Tebow before a large gathering of reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine. "It's where I'm holding the ball and kind of how I'm getting to where my motion is when I'm throwing it."

There has been plenty of talk about where Tebow might go in the April 22-24 NFL draft. Extremely succesful at the collegiate level, there are some who don't think Tebow will be able to make it in the NFL as a quarterback. Part of the reason was his long motion. Tebow, who fielded all questions with a smile, said his chance to work with coaches from the Dolphins during the Senior Bowl helped teach him a lot.

Tebow has elected not to throw at the combine but will display his quicker release on March 17 at this pro day. 

“I’m working on it," Tebow said of his motion. "I’m making some adjustments and just trying to improve my fundamentals as best I can. That’s something I felt will improve my game and help me as a quarterback. It’s something that I’m working on a lot.
"I am holding the ball higher. It’s not getting that loop in my release is what I’m working on. My release point of where I’m actually throwing the ball is not different at all. If you broke down the film [from college], I don’t think if you watched the release or the follow- through that you’d see anything different. But it’s how I got to that [where] I think you’d see a change.”