Jonathan and Drew Scott are pros at persuading couples to buy a homely fixer-upper and letting them transform it into House Beautiful. But it's their playful banter and clowning around for the camera that's turned them into stars and their HGTV show, "Property Brothers," into a hit. The Scotts' charisma, plus looking good in a toolbelt, hasn't hurt, either.

"We goof off nonstop. That's our job," said Drew during their recent 100th episode special on HGTV. When he's not teasing Drew, Jonathan is usually the perceptive visionary for the home makeovers. "I smell pee, but I see possibilities," he remarked in one episode.

Devoted fans usually can tell the 37-year-old identical twins, who grew up in Vancouver, apart. Drew is the dapper real estate agent in sport coats over button-down shirts. Jonathan is the rugged contractor in colorful plaid. Their hairstyles and facial hair seem to change with the show's seasons.

Both brothers will share their renovation and design expertise — and flash those famous dimples — at two March 5 appearances at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show.

We recently chatted with the Scotts while they took a break from shooting "Brother vs. Brother," another HGTV show, in Las Vegas.

Q: What can fans expect at the Home + Garden Show?

Jonathan: A solid hour of me making fun of Drew. No — we'll show people the process of how we stretch the budget and get the most impact out of design without spending a fortune. It's an interactive presentation, a Q&A, and we give away prizes. Fans will learn — and laugh.

Q: Are the renovation costs on the HGTV show accurate? Do they include all the fabulous furnishings we see in the final reveal?

Jonathan: The average budget is $110,000 for three or four rooms and includes the furniture. I don't charge for my time as the general contractor. Drew charges double time (laughs). The production company pays $10,000 toward the project, and we pass along wholesale pricing on some materials. We re-use and repurpose up to 50 percent of the homeowners' old pieces. They're blown away when they realize it's their same coffee table that we refinished.

Q: What are five must-haves for home buyers today?

Drew: The right location. You can't change distance to a school — but you can change many things in a house. A functional kitchen that feels fresh and clean with updated appliances and a big island.

Jonathan: Everyone requests an open floor plan. People want a nice, relaxing master bedroom and spa bathroom that's an escape from the chaos. Multipurpose spaces that can be used as a home office, craft or specialty-use room.

Q: What are some hot trends in home interiors?

Jonathan: We're seeing vivid color coming back, which I love. It's been a long time of neutrals. There's more of an eclectic mix of vintage and repurposed pieces. Specialty rooms like a home gym or pinball-machine game room are big.

Q: What home improvement gives you the biggest bang for the buck?

Jonathan: Do a kitchen well, and it will have the most impact on value. New flooring is a good investment — there are durable laminates that are indistinguishable from engineered hardwood. Paint is still the easiest and cheapest way to update a room.

Q: Has "Property Brothers" featured homes in the Twin Cities? Why does the show not report what city the home is in?

Jonathan: Not yet. We film 60 percent in the U.S. and 40 percent in Canada. If a home seems expensive, it's in Canada. The network wants it to feel like it's anyone's backyard.

Q: Who has the hardest job — the real estate agent or the contractor?

Drew: Jonathan has the more physical job of doing the construction of up to 10 projects at a time. We have our own furniture and decor line and other businesses. I balance a lot of that.

Q: This is the show's fifth year, and you've completed your 100th episode. What keeps you going?

Drew: The reactions. We never get tired of seeing the smiles, tears and emotions of the homeowners when we reveal the space at the end.

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