Finally. After weeks of stunted growth or no-shows in the garden, a week with hints of warmth was enough to make the garden start to take off. Peas that stayed small sprouts forever are now several inches taller and looking for something to vine around. Tomatoes that stood resolutely, refusing to put forth any effort, are noticeably growing. I can tell the soil temperature has warmed up, because I'm finally starting to get volunteer tomatoes. They never stir until they get a hint of tropical heat to come.

And at last, a peony deigned to open. I'd show you a picture, but it got clobbered by the rain yesterday so it's pretty well spent. But at least there was one, and maybe the other buds will get the idea.

But it's still an uneven spring. The plants that came back early are now lush thanks to all the rain, while others are just finally venturing out. Both of these clematis plants are back for the year, but obviously one is in full riot, and the other one (below) that I'd given up on is finally back, but just about five inches high. I think mid-June is a new record for the revival of a clematis I'd given up on.

I'm going to snag the next brave peony for a bouquet before the rains take it out.

What's finally showing up in your garden?