It's been quite the out of body experience for an Edina man as he watches himself on television piling up loads of loot in a string of "Jeopardy" segments.

Rob Worman appeared yet again Tuesday on the long-running game show after blowing away the competition during Monday's airing, when he reaped his best one-day take yet of $37,999. He added another $21,601 on Tuesday for the victory, bumping his five-day tally to $113,899 ahead of appearance No. 6 on Wednesday.

Worman has been joined by dozens of his co-workers at Veritas Technologies in Roseville for daily viewing parties — he springs for the treats — each late weekday afternoon in front of eight large televisions in the cafeteria.

"I was more nervous for the first airing, on Valentine's Day, than I was taping the show," Worman said Tuesday. "You just don't know what kind of goofball you're going to be."

He fretted about his potential for social media ridicule when he did a few seconds of the "Macarena" dance after scrawling down that correct answer for Day 1's Final Jeopardy round, but he grew confident that he dodged long-term internet embarrassment.

Worman's path to getting before the cameras began in June, when he took the rapid-fire online test. From there, he was chosen at random for an in-person interview and a second quiz in Denver (on his dime) in August.

Next was a run-through version of "Jeopardy" Worman said he acted "more extroverted than normal," knowing that the game's staff was looking more for personality than any ability to tap reservoirs of knowledge. "My face hurt, I was smiling so hard," he said.

He got the call in October that he had the honor to travel to Los Angeles (again, his dime) and appear on the show taped soon after Thanksgiving.

Over his run of victories so far, the 45-year-old holder of a chemistry degree from "the" Ohio State University said he's done particularly well on topics including "Phantom of the Opera," physics and table tennis.

And no, Worman is not giving up how long his run lasted or how much he ended up winning.

"My wife was in the audience," he said, revealing at least one other person who knows his secret. "They said you can tell your family, but please don't put a peep on social media."

To see whether Worman's future on "Jeopardy" is in jeopardy, tune in at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon on KARE-TV, Channel 11.

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