Minnesota Public Radio is the latest media company to make staff cuts due to the pandemic.

Fourteen employees from American Public Media Group, which includes MPR and distributes national programs such as "Marketplace" and "Live From Here," have taken voluntary buyouts.

Six are staffers for MPR News, including interim news director Laura McCallum.

"I have decided to leave @MPRnews at the end of the month, mindful of the challenging financial picture ahead, and through the company's voluntary separation program," McCallum said in a tweet this week. "After nearly 27 years in various roles, it's time for a change!"

In addition, 14 employees from MPR and American Public Media will be taking voluntary furloughs.

"We are currently facing the biggest financial test we've ever faced," spokesperson Angie Andresen said in a statement. "As we evaluate a wide range of changes to cut expenses, we're taking great care with any changes to our programming and with decisions that affect the lives and livelihoods of our dedicated employees."

According to MPR News, others who will leaving the news division are deputy managing editor Lorna Benson; executive producer Kate Moos; senior editor Eric Ringham; Jim Bickal, senior producer of "MPR News with Angela Davis," and business reporter Martin Moylan.

American Public Media would not release details of who took buyouts in other divisions. Departures will take place later this month and in June.

"To say we're grateful to these colleagues for all they've done for MPR and their commitment to our ongoing public service is an understatement," Andresen said. "It's always difficult to say goodbye to colleagues, and especially so when we can't do it in person."

Correction: Previous versions of this article misstated the number of employees taking voluntary buyouts.