Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, both potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates, will make nice next month at a Minnesota appearance but their accord might not last long if Pawlenty bring up what he's been saying about the Massachusetts health care plan. Here's the top of a piece from the Nashua Telegraph from over the weekend:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a potential Republican presidential contender in 2012, said universal health care in Massachusetts is no model the nation should follow.

"The plan is dramatically propped up by federal money," he said. "Take that away and there would be dire economic consequences.

"Looking at the Massachusetts experience, it would not be one I would want for the country to follow any further.''

Now that Congress passed the health care reform law, the Massachusetts health experience could become even more a critical bellwether for Mitt Romney's second run for president, in 2012.

During an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Pawlenty didn't mention Romney by name, but he relayed how Massachusetts state Treasurer Tim Cahill warned that a national version of the Massachusetts law could bankrupt the country in four years.

Meanwhile, Politico says that Romney has his own pre-existing condition when it comes to health care.