City officials briefed the council Tuesday on the ongoing use of Car2Go, a car sharing service introduced in Minneapolis last September.

Car2Go is obligated to provide quarterly updates of how their 350 cars around the city are being used. The latest quarterly report included figures about where Car2Go members are located, as well as where they pick up and drop off cars.

Car2Go spokeswoman Adrianne Andang said recently that the company has "nearly 10,000 registered members" in Minneapolis. The report, however, says they had 8,224 as of May.

The zip code analysis shows that 55406, near the southeastern corner of the city, contains the most members. Zip codes that accounted for less than 1 percent of the total members were not included in the report. The 55406 zip code is also where the most trips begin and end.

The report also says that the average trip is approximately 3.5 miles and trips last an average of about 21.3 minutes.

The company is currently trying to expand to St. Paul, which will allow the cars to flow freely between the two cities.