The massive size of Hurricane Igor will force Bermuda to endure a prolonged pounding from the storm later this weekend.

Friday afternoon, tropical storm-force winds extended nearly 300 miles from the center of Igor. Hurricane-force winds were howling just over 100 miles from Igor's eye.

Those far-reaching tropical storm-force winds will first impact Bermuda Sunday morning, even though it will not be until late Sunday night when the center of Igor passes dangerously close to or directly over the island nation.

The strength of the tropical storm-force winds will initially just be capable of causing tree damage and power outages. However, the worst will be yet to come.

The most destructive winds of Igor will blast the island nation Sunday night.

Winds in excess of 90 mph are expected to whip across the island at this time, threatening to cause significant property damage and widespread power outages.

The winds will finally begin to subside on Monday as Hurricane Igor departs and heads northeastward.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski