When police raided a Minnetonka apartment a few weeks ago and found a small amount of heroin, a local man reportedly admitted on the spot that the drugs were his, and authorities took him at his word.

But they had a hard time buying the rest of the man's story. He said the pellet guns they also seized belonged to his 4-year-old son, court filings show.

Members of the Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force later obtained a search warrant for a DNA sample from 22-year-old Maksim Bak for testing to help answer the question of whether he handled the pellet guns.

Bak was later arrested and faces two counts of fifth-degree drug possession, although he wasn't charged with any firearms offenses. He was booked into Hennepin County jail, but later released.

He is expected to make his initial court appearance Friday.

The charges stem from a police raid earlier in October of Bak's unit at the Gates at Carlson Center apartment complex, during which police found a small quantity of heroin and six pills later identified as Suboxone, a drug used as treatment for opiate addiction, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers also seized ammunition, some drug paraphernalia, and two guns — a Bear River pellet rifle and .117-caliber BB gun — the complaint said. Bak reportedly told police at the scene that the drugs belonged to him, but when asked about the firearms, he "stated that they belonged to his" son, authorities said.