A Minnesota state senator found internet fame — reluctantly, apparently — after casting his vote in a Zoom meeting Monday while shirtless and in front of an apt background.

Sen. Calvin Bahr, a Republican, went to sound his vote on the Legislative Audit Commission, when he appeared lying in bed with his shirt off and a still image of the anthropomorphic bill character from "Schoolhouse Rock!" as the background.

After giving a "yes" vote, he quickly turns the camera upwards and turns off the video so it's a black screen that just shows "Sen. Cal Bahr."

Several people at the in-person meeting room are seen smiling in the background after the camera switches back.

A GOP Senate spokeswoman said Bahr had worked until 4:45 a.m. at his job as a truck driver and then went to bed Monday morning. She said he would not comment on the vote or the video.

DFL Sen. Nicole Mitchell tweeted an eye-roll emoji in response to the video.

"The level of professionalism we get from some of our MN GOP members," she added in the post.

Other commenters made memes out of the situation. Twitter user @rogergrow posted an image of a cockatiel drinking out of a cocktail, with the text "Unsee Juice" posted over the glass.

Some posted that it's a classic post-pandemic moment.